My name is Ofek Avshalom, photographer and an artist from Israel.


Until I was 17 years old I dedicated my life to sports, basketball in particularly but then I got injured in a car accident and been forced to move on, that's when I started to feel the need to express the creativity I've always kept hidden inside of me, so I picked up the camera and I'm making moments last ever since.

I left Israel when I was 20 years old to satisfy my need to see and experience life in different colors, shapes and sounds.

I started my journy in Australia and New Zealand, moved on to Asia and came all the way back to Europe.

I lived in France, Italy, England and visited many other countries.

My photography contains portraits, fashion, still life, art, always driven by emotions and based on color, movement and light. 

© 2019 by Ofek Avshalom